P-IC - a portrait

PÖCHHACKER Innovation Consulting GmbH is a privately-owned consulting company that specializes in economic, research and innovation policy issues within a regional, national and international context.

We address six areas with our consultative activities:

  • Future-oriented economic, innovation and technology policy
  • R&D
  • Education and qualifications
  • Knowledge-intensive services
  • Clusters and networks
  • Research and innovation support for companies

In accordance with the chain of requirements of our clients, we specialize in the following consulting services:

  • Analyses, studies, screenings
  • Strategies, programmes, action plans
  • Process support and measure implementation
  • Communications and events
  • Evaluations and expertises
  • Research and innovation funding

Our clients are ….

  • Ministries and regional governments
  • Consultative bodies, advisory committees, think-tanks
  • National and regional agencies
  • Pressure groups
  • Research institutions
  • Companies undertaking research

In addition to the broad expertise and many years of experience of its team, P-IC has also built a strong network of contacts in the FTI community at regional, national and international leve.