Knowledge-intensive services

Knowledge-intensive services represent an innovation driving force, a dynamic growth field and the key to strengthening production and business locations

Owing to their excellent wealth creation aspects, knowledge intensive services have become a focus of economic and innovation policy. They involve both services companies that have the generation or employment of knowledge as their core activity, as well as enterprises that supplement their goods with product support services (hybrid value creation) in order to achieve competitive advantages. We provide consul-tancy with regard to both strategies and instruments for the conso-lidation of knowledge-intensive services.

Focial Points:

  • Assessments (facts and figures) relating to knowledge-intensive services sectors 
  • Qualitative analyses regarding the critical factors for success of knowledge services suppliers
  • Analyses of the significance of product support services with regard to goods production 
  • Strategies for the promotion of hybrid value creation 
  • Service portfolios for public intermediaries
  • Service portfolios for research and educational bodies