Research policy, research facilities as well as companies undertaking research constitute key elements in a knowledge-based society

Successful research and a future-oriented research policy at European, national and regional levels secure economic development and employment. We possess comprehensive expertise in the design of research policy strategies and programmes, as well as the evaluation of R&D activities. We accompany research bodies during strategy development and profile definition. Equally, we advise companies undertaking research in matters relating to R&D strategy, management and funding topics.


Focial Points:

  • RTI policy
  • R&D programmes
  • R&D structure governance
  • Evaluation of R&D structures, programmes and activities
  • University positioning and profile definition
  • Research funding instruments (regional, national, EU)
  • R&D facilities: strategic development, order research, financing and funding, EU research area
  • Strengthening of R&D in companies (strategy, funding)