Research and innovation support for companies

R&D are key success factors for the innovation capacity and competitiveness of companies

Important issues in the strategic design and implementation of R&D activities are the anchoring of the R&D targets in the company´s strategy, available budgets and ressources to pursue R&D activities and infrastructure, the best use of public R&D subsidies on regional, national and European level, the effective and efficient cooperation with research institutions, the experience in the management of R&D projects, the commitment of ressources through projects and meaningful exploitation of R&D results.



Focal Points:

  • Analysis of the potential for R&D-activities in line with the corporate strategy
  • Development, sharpening and operationalisation of R&D strategy
  • Optimal use of funding instruments
  • Development of cooperation with research partners
  • Outsourcing of project management tasks
  • Concerted exploitation of R&D results (utilization strategy, selection of property laws, licensing of R&D results)